Ely, a multi-talented music producer, composer, and songwriter from Honolulu,
HI, brings a soulful and melodic sound so epic to Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop, it draws a sense of emotion that listeners can’t help but grow attached to.

Timeless – rather than one who seeks to only make a hit record – Ely has won numerous beat battles and showcases in Honolulu and around the country. While he served in the Navy in San Diego, CA, he relentlessly worked with local Hip Hop artists in the area and got their music in the club. Amongst many individual tracks, Ely has produced and co-produced 3 full studio albums to date. “Mic3-Respect My Pride", “C Gutta-Black Attire Music", and with long time friend, Epidemmik on “Wizdom-Unearthed". He produced Maryanne Ito's "Take Care of You" on her debut album entitiled, "Waking Up" which ranked no. 4 in the UK Soul Chart. Ely composed the score for a short film entitled, “Malaga" by Wadalife Films which came in 1st place for the Hawaii International Film Festival showcase. Other than producing music, he’s played at live gigs as a keyboardist with his band Rocket Powered Cadillac and other local artists, and continues as a devoted pianist at his home church. Through his compilation of experiences with diversified people, cultures, and regions, Ely has become a great canvas for artists to work with.

Although his lure to music began as a young child learning piano, his love for Hip Hop culture and music inspired him to start off as a sample-based producer. Ely’s musical style has been influenced by the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Mobb Deep, The RZA, and many more. Developing his style, he locked himself in his room day to day listening to records, dissecting the song, and contemplating on how to chop each sample. Ely continued on with the boom bap style of production until his introduction to the software program Reason. It is from the integration of sampling and musical composition that Ely’s unique sound surfaced.

In 2008, Ely decided to further his music career by attending the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH, home to many of today’s accomplished musicians and audio engineers, such as: Derek Dixie (Beyonce) and Jordan Kolenc (Taylor Swift). Ely developed a keen understanding for signal flow, the music business, and audio engineering. Through the hands-on-training, his production techniques and confidence in working in a recording studio enhanced.

Ely is not only a talented musician, but also a diligent and driven individual. Like water, he can adapt to any environment put into, fully able to learn all aspects of the music business and bring a sense of refreshment to an overly heated and crowded industry. His perseverance and dedication to what he loves solidifies a future success.